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What type of person makes a good guardian?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2024 | Estate Planning

Asset distribution and inheritances take up most of the estate planning process. However, there are other important elements that shouldn’t be overlooked, such as nominating guardians for minor children. 

A guardian is someone who can make sure your child remains safe and secure should something ever happen to you. This is a big responsibility, and careful consideration should be given to who may be a suitable guardian

Outlined below are some important factors to consider:

Are they physically fit enough? 

It’s natural that your parents may be your first choice. After all, they were guardians for you. However, raising a child is a big commitment, and it can be physically demanding. If your parents are elderly, they may not be up to it physically. Age is just one factor that you should consider when choosing a guardian. 

Do they match your values? 

While the security of your children is the main thing, you may have certain values that you want to instill in them. For instance, you may follow certain religious protocols and traditions. If this is something that you want your children to adhere to, then you’ll need a guardian who values the importance of this. 

Any decisions on guardians should be based on your wishes and the needs of the children. You shouldn’t feel pressured into nominating someone. A guardian does not need to be a family member necessarily, with people often choosing close family friends. 

Remember, you’re also entitled to change your mind. You can even name more than one guardian if you choose. Whatever you decide, having legal guidance behind you will be of great support.