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At Gunsher Attorneys, Ltd., we remove the mystery from complex legal issues.

Our Practice Areas

Estate Planning
Estate Planning
Probate, Estate And Trust Administration
Probate, Estate & Trust Administration
Probate Litigation
Probate Litigation
Business Law
Business Law
Employment Law
Employment Law
Real Estate Transactions And Litigation
Real Estate Transactions & Litigation
Gunsher Attorneys

Smart, Skilled And Honest

At Gunsher Attorneys, Ltd., our attorneys deliver legal counsel in a range of practice areas, including estate planning; probate, estate and trust administration; business law; employment law; real estate; and civil litigation.

We work with entrepreneurs, employees, property owners – people from all walks of life. In our probate and estates practice, we represent individuals, couples, estate executors, family members and others.

When you hire us, you will have a compassionate lawyer who cares about your interests. Clients trust our lawyers to do the right thing.

What Our Clients Say


Joshua was amazing! He helped me through a difficult process that I was uneducated about. He made sure that every step of the way I was informed and understood what was going on through the process and kept his word on everything he said. I’d highly recommend.

"Highly Recommend"

Gunsher Attorneys have been a tremendous asset to our company. We have been utilizing attorney Gunsher’s services for over a year now and we are very happy with our business relationship. I would highly recommend Gunsher Attorneys to anyone as their knowledge, drive and expertise are outstanding.

"Extremely Professional"

Joshua Gunsher was extremely professional, enthusiastic and didactic. He made sure that I understood how important each document was that I signed and that I had at least a basic understanding of each one while completing my estate planning. I would recommend him to anyone.

How Our Attorneys Approach Estates And Probate

Many attorneys only dabble in estates and probate work. You deserve better.

The laws that govern estates and probate are like a foreign language to many people. Our attorneys help translate that language for our clients. This can apply to wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills and other important documents.

Our probate attorneys have a thorough understanding of these practice areas. We live and breathe probate and estates. Yes, it might be nerdy to be passionate about estates and probate, but nerdy is welcomed when a legacy is at stake.


Meet Our Attorneys

Why Transparency Is Important

Attorneys should ask questions, listen, and provide advice and counsel. Clients, ultimately, make the big decisions, and attorneys execute those decisions.

At Gunsher Attorneys, Ltd., we strive to educate clients on the legal issues involved in their situations. Our lawyers also explain the processes involved with specific legal matters. We believe educated clients are able to participate in the process and take ownership of their decisions.

At Gunsher Attorneys, Ltd., we are proud to serve Fairfield, Middletown, Mason and all of southwest Ohio.

we built our firm on word-of-mouth

Here are some reasons why clients recommend us to their family, friends and colleagues.

  • We educate our clients on the legal issues involved in their cases.
  • We explain the legal options to our clients.
  • We keep clients informed regarding the statuses of their cases.
  • We return messages promptly.

Ultimately, our attorneys remove our clients’ worries and fears. Plus, we always have free mints in the office.