At Gunsher Attorneys, we are proud to serve Fairfield, Middletown, Mason and all of southwest Ohio.

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Welcome To Gunsher Attorneys, Ltd.

At Gunsher Attorneys, Ltd., we deliver legal counsel to southwest Ohio in a range of practice areas, including:

We work with entrepreneurs, employees, property owners – people from all walks of life. In our probate and estates practice, we represent individuals, couples, estate executors, family members and others.

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Attorneys Who Want To Help You

Clients rely on their lawyers to do the right thing. When you hire Gunsher Attorneys, Ltd., you will have a compassionate lawyer who cares about your best interests.

Some of the best attorney-client relationships are collaborative. Attorneys ask questions, listen, and provide advice and counsel. Clients, ultimately, make the big decisions, and attorneys execute those decisions.

Our lawyers strive to educate clients on the legal issues involved in their situations. We also explain the processes involved with specific legal matters. We believe educated clients are able to participate in the process and take ownership of their decisions.

How To Reach Us

We are Gunsher Attorneys, Ltd.. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your legal matter. Contact us through our website or call us at NAP.